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People from refugee and asylum seeking backgrounds: an open access annotated bibliography

Refugees Asylum seekers Immigration CALD Social inclusion Employment Research Education

This bibliography offers a snapshot of some of the available literature that relates to the following areas of scholarly and practitioner interest:

  • Refugees and access to, participation in, and transition out of higher education
  • Schooling and refugee youth
  • Adult Education (including learning host language and literacies)
  • Resettlement of refugees and CALD migrants
  • Employment of refugees and CALD migrants in resettlement contexts
  • People seeking asylum in Australia
  • Discourses and media narratives relating to forced migration
  • Methodological and ethical discussions relating to research with refugees
  • Citizenship and refugees

In this library, you will find summaries and annotated bibliographies of literature with a common focus on refugees and asylum seekers (and to a lesser extent CALD migrants more broadly). This literature has been organised thematically according to patterns that have emerged from a deep and sustained engagement with the various fields that relate to the access to, participation in and ‘success’ of people from refugee and asylum seeking backgrounds in resettlement, education and employment. The thematic organisation of the bibliography does not reflect the intersecting and complex overlaps of the various foci in the literature, so please keep in mind that this is an interpretive exercise and one that could easily be reworked by another set of authors.

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