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7 Jun 2018

The recent European energy proposals for the revision of the Energy Efficiency and the Energy Performance of Buildings Directives emphasize the importance of driving investments into the renovation of building stocks and stimulating retrofitting demand. Moreover, the ambitious targets on Green House Gas’ abatement and...

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15 May 2018

Since 1990, the carbon emissions of dwellings in the UK have declined by around 20%. This reduction per dwelling is mainly ascribed to the impact of energy efficiency measures, such as improvements in building codes/regulations. In the UK, national energy models of the building stock...

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12 May 2018

This paper focuses on the ex post evaluation of national energy efficiency policy mixes in the building sector, more specifically the effectiveness of implemented policy packages on helping to achieve energy savings and avoided greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs). The analysis covers all Policies and Measures...

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10 May 2016

Currently, 37 states, covering almost 90% of the US population, have adopted at least the 2009 International Energy Conservation Code (IECC). Adoption is only the first step to more efficient buildings. To generate the promised energy savings, builders need to comply with the code. There...

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9 May 2016

Rigorously enforced stringent building codes can cost effectively achieve energy savings, reduce energy bills and curb greenhouse gas emissions. This paper combines on-site data from some 800 dwellings, energy use information, survey data and computer simulations to evaluate the impact of the most recent energy...

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