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2 Jun 2016

The rise of protest politics in nations like the United States, Austria, Britain and France has seen a resurgence of populist movements and extremist political candidates on the right and the left.

But in Australia, this era of political instability seems to have produced...


28 Sep 2015


Use it, or lose it? That’s the question George Megalogenis thinks Australia needs to be asking itself.

In his 2012 book, The Australian Moment , Megalogenis presented a meticulous case for Australia’s social resilience and economic potential through times of global...


14 Feb 2015

This Wheeler centre talk discusses where will we be as a society in five years’ time.


As part of our fifth birthday celebrations, we presented a unique headline debate with two sides, just one team – and nothing less than our...



Discussing his Quarterly Essay "Trivial Pursuit: Leadership and the End of the Reform Era", political journalist George Megalogenis examines the restless pace and timid tone of contemporary Australian politics.

Discussing the essay with former Labor politician Lindsay Tanner – in a sometimes disarming reversal...



In his Monthly essay, Lessons in Leadership, George Megalogenis writes about the malaise in contemporary Australian politics, and how a leader like former Prime Minister Paul Keating might approach the task of reform today.

In this exclusive SlowTV interview, Megalogenis discusses the essay and...

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