Australian Social Policy Conference, 11-13 July 2007, Sydney, Australia

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7 Aug 2007

Inspired by the political theorist Hannah Arendt, this paper poses the question: what does it mean to think morally and politically about homelessness? Recent research by Hanover Welfare Services, a prominent Melbourne-based homeless agency, confirms how moral judgements about homelessness continue to be informed by...

Conference paper

24 Jul 2007

Youth is often equated to the dynamics of transitions between various states: from adolescence to adulthood, from school to work, from family protection to personal responsibility. Often labelled as the age group with the highest unemployment rate, young people are seen as having specific needs...

Conference paper

18 Jul 2007

In recent times there has been much discussion about the high level of violence amongst Australia’s Indigenous population. Research into the issue, however, has never proceeded beyond simple bi-variate analyses of risk factors drawn from the National Torres Strait Islander Social Survey (NATSISS). This paper...

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