This brochure outlines the scope of the network's portfolio, the emerging technologies it covers and the engagement opportunities for public and private bodies through the network of Global Fourth Industrial Revolution Councils.

The Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution Network’s vision is to help shape the development and application of emerging technologies, such as AI and blockchain, for the benefit of humanity. The network’s mission is to co-design, test and refine governance protocols and policy frameworks to maximize the benefits and minimize the risks of advanced science and technology.

To accelerate impact and drive change, the network brings together governments, business organizations, dynamic start-ups, civil society, academia and international organizations from around the world to work together across nine emerging technology areas.

The network develops, implements and scales up agile and human-centred pilot projects that can be adopted by policy-makers, legislators and regulators worldwide. Headquartered in San Francisco, the Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution Network launched new hubs in China, India and Japan in 2018. In addition to these Forum-led centres, the network is establishing affiliate centres around the world that are managed and operated locally by governments and/or invited academic institutions.

Host governments commit to supporting and advancing the development and deployment of pilot frameworks on topics aligned with projects launched by the network. Organizations partnering with the network can send fellows to any of the four main hubs or affiliate centres, thereby creating a continuous exchange of insights and knowledge sharing throughout the network.



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