Our PwC CEO Survey showed that 92% of the world’s CEOs agree that in an increasingly digital world it is becoming ever more important to have a strong corporate purpose. Within PwC, we found that a sizeable majority of our 220,000 people voted for a more human values based culture for the future, instead of the rational, more cognitive values we have been embracing and fostering for many years. So when it comes to the future of work, two trends seem to be coinciding at the moment. Technology crowds out human work for various tasks while emphasising the need for those skills which computers will – for the foreseeable future – not be able to compete on, creating new balances between humans and machines. At the same time, work needs to be meaningful to be attractive, which means that there is a strong demand for purpose-led organisations and workplaces and therefore a need to define and adopt values based work. In this report we will explore how digitalisation and automation are transforming the labour market, and our society. We will explore the value that people can add to the digital economy to increase welfare and to gain the full benefits of digitalisation. We will discuss the skills needed for future jobs, the challenges we currently face and how to respond to these issues; as a business, as a citizen and as a society. Last but not least, we will explore the role of leaders along this journey.

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