Privacy, digital citizenship and young children

25 Jun 2010

A growing number of educators and advocates in the online safety field are now embracing the term ‘digital citizenship’ to describe education about privacy, safety, security and responsible use of information and communication technologies (ICT). There is also a growing understanding of the importance of beginning this education when a child first starts their use of ICT. This may be in a primary school, preschool, or even at home as young as two years old. Hector’s World™ (, is a digital citizenship resource that is also offered in Australia on This resource is developmentally appropriate, effective and engaging for young children. The use by young children of touch screen devices, mobile phones and virtual worlds is growing rapidly, necessitating continued innovation in the educational response. Hector’s World is addressing these emerging issues, as well as releasing new content specifically related to privacy and security.

Image: Hector's World

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