National research priorities for natural hazards emergency management: issues, priorities, directions

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This publication documents the major research issues in natural hazards emergency management:

  1. Communicates research priorities for Australia identified by the emergency management sector for the decade 2017 to 2027.
  2. Promotes greater collaboration between researchers, practitioners, policy developers and funders.
  3. Contributes to building a strong and interconnected evidence base in natural hazards science, based on the highest needs of the sector.

These research priorities represent the consensus view of industry experts and are based on extensive consultation and discussion. This is the first time an exercise of this scale focussed on natural disasters has been conducted in Australia. It is the first time the collective knowledge of the industry has been drawn together and recorded in such a manner.

By synthesising this information, it will be easier for researchers, policy makers and practitioners at all levels to plan and prioritise their work, to enable a nationally coordinated research capacity to address the major issues of our day and to support the uptake of that research into practice.

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