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Technical report

Final energy savings analysis of the proposed NYStretch-Energy Code 2018

9 Jan 2019

In 2017, New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) developed its 2016 Stretch Code Supplement to the 2016 New York State Energy Conservation Construction Code. Since 2017, NYSERDA has continued to develop the 2018 edition, as part of the efforts to achieve a statewide Net Zero Energy Code by 2028. To support this effort, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) conducted energy simulation analysis to quantify the energy savings of proposed commercial provisions of the NYStretch-Energy Code 2018 compared to ANSI/ASHRAE/IES1 Standard 90.1-2013. Specifically, PNNL collaborated with New Buildings Institute (NBI), and developed energy-efficiency measures (EEMs) from national model codes and standards, high-performance building codes and standards, regional energy codes, and measures being proposed as part of the ongoing NYStretch-Energy code development process. PNNL analyzed these measures using whole building energy simulation for selected prototype commercial and multifamily buildings representing buildings in New York State.

This report describes the analysis methodology, explains detailed specifications of the EEMs, and summarizes the results of individual EEMs and EEM bundles by building type and climate zone. Through this round of NYStretch-Energy 2018 analysis, PNNL customized a subset of DOE prototype models for New York State based on inputs from the NYStretch-Energy advisory committee and working groups. These customized prototypes allowed the project team to evaluate the sensitivity of individual EEMs to New York building stocks and help making decisions for the stringency of the NYStretch-Energy 2018. The saving results of the individual EEMs and packages help policy makers and program developers to determine if NYStretch-Energy 2018 is a good fit for their energy saving goal.

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