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Agiletown: the relentless march of technology and London's response
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Throughout history, advances in technology have transformed commercial activity and the jobs people do, never more so than today with the accelerating pace of change in digitisation and robotics. The continuing impact of technology on jobs needs a response from policy makers , businesses and educators.

Although the replacement of people by machines is well understood, the scale and scope of changes yet to come may not be. We have studied the risks to jobs in the UK from automation and have attempted to measure teh scale of the problem. We have welcomed the opportunity to work with Deloitte on this important research.

We have found that within the UK, a lower proportion of jobs are at risk in London than in the rest of the UK, but even here the risks are significant and substantial changes are inevitable. Of particular concern is our assessment that London jobs paying less than £30,000 a year are over eight times more likely to disappear than jobs paying over £100,000. The speed of transformation is not so easy to predict, but we believe that the employment landscape will be very different in ten to twenty years from what it is today.

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