Tomorrow's schools: the reform of education administration in New Zealand

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In 1989, the government released their education policy in response to the Administering for Excellence report. This document, called Tomorrow's Schools was the blueprint for the education sector as we know it today.


This booklet on elementary and secondary education sets out the policy position reached by the Government of New Zealand following its consideration of the implications of the extensive reform of educational administration recommended by the Picot task force. It outlines the most thoroughgoing changes to the administration of education in the history of the country. The six sections of the booklet detail what will happen under the new system of educational administration.

  • Section 1 discusses administration at the local level.
  • Section 2 describes central agencies, such as the Ministry of Education, a Review and Audit Agency, and a Parent Advocacy Council.
  • Section 3 covers national issues impinging on the local level, such as equity issues, Maori interests, and teacher training. Section 4 concerns special teaching groups and resources, such as early childhood advisers and education officers in museums, zoos, and art galleries.
  • Section 5 deals with practical issues of schooling, such as compulsory schooling, curriculum decisions, and enrollment schemes. In conclusion,
  • Section 6 provides guidelines for implementing the changeover to the new system of educational administration which will take place on October 1, 1989.
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