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The Tomorrow’s Schools Taskforce report (Part 2 of 4): an opportunity missed

11 Feb 2019

This piece is the second in a four-part series about the Tomorrow’s Schools Review Taskforce report released in December 2018 reviewing the administrative arrangements for New Zealand schooling over the last three decades. The Tomorrow’s Schools Taskforce has conducted the core review of a series of some 15 reviews across the education sector, and whatever results from the Tomorrow’s Schools report will likely have very significant implications for policy and practice in Aotearoa New Zealand in years to come.

Our previous post highlighted the lack of debate thus far around the report’s recommendations. This post focuses on the ‘framing’ of the report – the underlying messages about the agenda, value system and goals that are evident in the introduction and summary sections of the report. The remaining two posts in this series look at the more detailed analysis and recommendations that follow in the main body of the report. We hope these posts help stimulate discussion, debate, and submissions as part of the ongoing consultation process.

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