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The aim of this scoping study is to review the existing literature on the connections between housing and childhood development and wellbeing and to investigate the value and feasibility of conducting empirical research in the Australian context. Specifically, the research questions addressed are:

  • What aspects of housing and housing assistance have been demonstrated to influence children’s development and wellbeing?  
  • What are the implications of this influence for housing policy and programs?
  • What data sources are currently available that could be used to investigate the link between housing and housing assistance characteristics and child development and wellbeing outcomes in Australia?  
  • Based on these data sources, what methodologies and analytic approaches could be employed to examine direct and indirect associations between housing and children’s development and wellbeing?  


Authors: Alfred Michael Dockery, Garth Kendall, Jianghong Li, Anusha Mahendran, Rachel Ong and Lyndall Strazdins.

Image: narice28 / Flickr

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