ImagineSydney: play

ImagineSydney: Create, Live, Work and Play: What will it take to drive a more prosperous Sydney?
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ImagineSydney: Play, is the third in a four-part series which sets out to uncover what makes Sydney a complete city, full of buzz, opportunity and excitement.

Looking at our city through the lenses of arts and culture, the night time economy and sports and recreation, we’re out to prove that there is nowhere else quite like Sydney in the world… and definitely nowhere better to play.

Using new research and analysis conducted by Deloitte Access Economics, we value the contribution made by these sectors, both economically and to the fabric and quality of life in Sydney.

We profile some of the major players in the sectors and get their views on Sydney as a place to play. We provide ideas for how government, business and individuals can continue to contribute to, and benefit from, participation in ‘play’.

We all have a role to play in helping Sydney take its place as one of the great cities of the world.


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