Interim report of the Green Growth Strategy: Implementing our commitment for a sustainable future

14 Jul 2010

The OECD Green Growth Strategy will identify the key barriers that governments need to overcome in order to achieve strong green growth. It will develop practical policy tools for securing the shift to a greener economy. It will seek to be useful and accessible to OECD and emerging economies in their joint and individual ways to build a new sustainable growth path. 

This Interim Report provides first insights to better understand the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead and assesses some of the measures taken in the context of the crisis. It is the result of the work of OECD and partner countries, and has benefited from the perspectives of business and civil society stakeholders. The 2010 Ministerial Council Meeting will be key for taking the Strategy forward, thus making a substantive contribution to promoting growth and well-being in a sustainable, “green” way.

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