Discussion paper

The NZ Government wants to work in partnership with others to achieve better outcomes for Crown pastoral land in the high country. This consultation is one of the first steps to strengthening key partnerships so the Crown can better steward this critically important landscape.

The need for change has been clear for some time with shifts in the use of the land both at a farming, environmental and economic level. The recently published assessment of the Crown Pastoral Land Regulatory System also identified the need for changes at a legislative level to improve the environmental and economic outcomes for pastoral land in the high country.

The discussion document entitled “Enduring stewardship of Crown pastoral land” outlines proposed changes and seeks public comment.  The changes include:

  • Making decision-making by the Commissioner of Crown Lands more accountable and transparent.
  • Providing more guidance and standards for the Commissioner’s decisions on leaseholder applications for activities such as burning and forestry.
  • Requiring the Commissioner to obtain expert advice and consult as necessary when considering applications for discretionary consents.
  • Updating the fees and charges framework.
  • Requiring regular reporting against a monitoring framework.

Proposed new outcomes for Crown pastoral land include:

  • Ensuring that the natural landscapes, indigenous biodiversity, and cultural and heritage values are secured and safeguarded through the Crown’s management of the land.
  • Allowing for pastoral and non-pastoral activities that support economic resilience and local communities.

Feedback is also being sought on how the Crown can better implement Treaty of Waitangi responsibilities regarding Crown pastoral land.

Submissions close at 5pm on Friday 12 April 2019

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