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Power to Persuade is a discussion blog and annual symposium focused on social policy.

Australian-focused but with a global scope, the blog was set up to complement the successful Power to Persuade symposium. Like its offline equivalent, it aims to improve understanding and communication between the main groups involved in the policy process: government, academics and the community sector.

The Power to Persuade is jointly directed by Associate Professor Gemma Carey at Centre for Social Impact (UNSW) and The Women's Research, Advocacy and Policy (WRAP) Centre.

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26 Feb 2019

A one-size-fits all approach to family violence will miss important opportunities to help the groups of people who are most in need.

Blog post

23 Feb 2018

The ‘gender pay gap’ is a major contributor to conditions that enable and perpetuate domestic and family violence. That women on average earn much less than men increases their vulnerability to financial abuse, makes it difficult for them to leave violent relationships, and leaves them...

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