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Discussion paper

2 Dec 2016

Does a world with more insecure work need to be a world of greater instability and fear? Are protectionism and nationalism appropriate responses? Are there alternative policy approaches which can bring people and communities together instead of driving them ever further apart?

With global...


14 Feb 2015

This Wheeler centre talk discusses where will we be as a society in five years’ time.


As part of our fifth birthday celebrations, we presented a unique headline debate with two sides, just one team – and nothing less than our...

Journal article

1 Dec 2014

The current issue of the Journal of Indigenous Policy, no16, follows an earlier issue (no 13) in collating and annotating material that is useful for understanding and addressing current issues of policy and service delivery. These journal issues are intended for use by communities, government...



8 Oct 2014

The mess of federal budget negotiations has taken over the limited space for social policy debates. However, we are due to get final reports on a range of inquiries. These include the McClure report on social security, which will take into account Andrew Forrest’s Creating...

Journal article

22 May 2012

This paper argues that current evidence fails to support the extension of income management.

This paper is a new addendum to the Journal of Indigenous Policy Issue 12, which September 2011 and looked at the reports then available on the effectiveness or otherwise of...

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