Australian Unity wellbeing index survey 23: The wellbeing of Australians - marginal and safe seat electorates

16 Aug 2010

The Australian Unity Wellbeing Index is a barometer of Australians’ satisfaction with their lives and life in Australia. In this survey wellbeing is measured before and after each change of Prime Ministers in 2007 and 2010.

The AustralianUnity Wellbeing Index is designed to promoting greater public and political awareness of the social factors underpinning wellbeing, as well as enhancing scientific understanding of subjective wellbeing.

In this report data on Subjective Wellbeing is drawn from Federal Electoral Divisions correspond to the following categories of electoral status: ALP Safe, ALP Marginal, Coalition Safe, Coalition Marginal. Each status group comprises five electorates. Data within each status grouping have been combined for the purpose of the statistical analyses. Data have also been grouped according to the following four eras of Government: Howard, Rudd, End of Rudd, and Gillard.

Authors: Robert A. Cummins, Adele Gibson-Prosser, Melissa Weinberg, Charini Perera and Jacqui Woerner.

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