Cultural funding by government, Australia, 2009-10

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Total government funding for cultural activities was $6,658.1m in 2009-10. This was an increase of 2% on 2008-09 ($6,525.1m) which was in turn an increase of 7% on total cultural funding for 2007-08 ($6,081.2m). The Australian Government contributed $2,457.0m (37%) to total cultural funding in 2009-10 while the state and territory governments contributed $3,003.3m (45%). Local governments provided $1,197.7m (18%). 

Environmental heritage was the largest recipient of cultural funds in 2009-10, receiving $1,496.7m or 22% of total cultural funding from the Australian Government and state and territory governments combined. Ninety percent of this funding ($1,345.7m) was from state and territory governments. The second largest recipient of Australian and state and territory government funding was Radio and television services, which received $1,295.8m (19%) of Australian and state and territory government cultural funding. The Australian Government contributed almost all ($1,295.0m) of this funding.

Libraries received the third largest contribution of $1,173.5m, which accounted for 18% of total funding. This funding was comprised of $759.3m (65%) from local governments and $414.2m (35%) from Australian and state and territory governments. 

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