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Getting copyright right in the information age: an InternetNZ position paper

Internet Copyright Digital communications New Zealand

The Internet unlocks new ways for creative New Zealanders to make content and reach global audiences. To make the most of those opportunities, we need an up-to-date and innovation-compatible copyright law.

We want to see New Zealand’s copyright law continue to provide New Zealand creators with internationally recognised, world class copyright over their creative works. We also want to see New Zealand creators utilising and leveraging the Internet for distribution and access to new markets and communities who can benefit from their creations.

We would also like to see New Zealanders enabled and empowered to engage in social, cultural and economic innovations by useful, technology neutral exceptions to copyright.

We believe that New Zealand’s copyright law has not stood the test of time and that New Zealand deserves fair, balanced law that reflects the ways that New Zealanders use the Internet to access, consume and protect copyrighted works.

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