Literature review

Goreen narrkwarren ngrn-toura – healthy family air

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The Goreen Narrkwarren Ngrn-toura – Healthy Family Air project seeks to increase the understanding and knowledge of smoking cessation, to create supportive environments with Aboriginal health organisations, to support Aboriginal women to quit smoking in pregnancy and to support young mothers not to take up smoking. Engagement will be a key component of this project and will involve individuals, key stakeholders, multiple organisational partners such as Quit, and the Women’s Alcohol and Drug Service. The project will also seek strong working relationships with other projects that have the objective of reducing smoking in pregnancy

This literature review, completed as part of the Goreen Narrkwarren Ngrn-toura – Healthy Family Air project, provides valuable information not just to provide direction for this project, but for all people working towards smoking cessation in Aboriginal communities. The project works from the premise that pregnant Aboriginal women and new Aboriginal mothers do not live in isolation. They are part of the Aboriginal community, as are their children. This project holds as the central focus that the health of Aboriginal children is everyone’s business. In focusing our efforts on the health of babies and children, we are improving the health outcomes of future generations of Aboriginal people in Victoria.

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