Playing for the planet: how video games can deliver for people and the environment

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The video game industry is a media platform quickly becoming the fastest growing in the world- with revenues larger than Hollywood, Bollywood, and the world recorded music industry combined. Video games are no longer just kids’ stuff, and video games have already made real impact for the Sustainable Development Goals and the urgent global needs they represent.

This assessment summarizes recent, relevant, global developments in the video games sector, perspectives from over 50 thought leaders from the industry, and stand-out examples of world-class games. To support action on the Sustainable Development Goals agenda, seven recommendations have been compiled from the industry survey and in consultation with experts:

  1. Include a ‘green nudge’ in every game
  2. Create an annual impact season
  3. Pledge for the planet
  4. Cut e-waste and go 100% clean
  5. Fiscal incentives for ‘serious’ sustainability games
  6. Team up, reward and make it famous
  7. Help parents to engage with their children around gaming
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