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19 Jun 2019

Wastewater treatment plays a pivotal role in the protection of public and environmental health in urban precincts and in the recovery of scarce water and energy resources for an increasingly urban and growing global population. Yet wastewater treatment operations are among the most energy-intensive within...

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13 Mar 2019

Odor emissions from biosolids limit opportunities for their beneficial reuse by land application. Odorous emissions are affected by the operation of stabilization processes via methods such as anaerobic digestion, aerobic digestion, alkaline treatment, thermal drying, or composting. Commonly used sampling and measurement methods for assessing...

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30 Aug 2018


Microbial LRV validation of AGS was conducted during start-up and mature operation. LRV was assessed for four indicators and compared to Conventional Activated Sludge. Start-up of AGS did not reduce microbial indicator LRV performance. AGS is able to meet or exceed CAS...

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25 Apr 2018

This review provides a critical assessment of the production process routes of a wide range of value-added products from WAS, their current limitations, and recommendations for future research to help promote more sustainable management of this under-utilised and ever-growing waste stream.

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11 Apr 2018

The composition of wastewater in sewer catchments is known to affect the performance of wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs). However, there is limited knowledge as to how catchment characteristics, such as types of catchment industries, impact odour emissions from downstream sludge processing and biosolids management. Odorous...

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