West Gate Tunnel Project and CityLink tolls: independent advice based on public information

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The scope of this independent advice is to provide projections to 2044-45 of toll revenue to be received by Transurban Ltd (Transurban) resulting from:

  • pre-existing CityLink tolling arrangements known as the CityLink concession
  • the West Gate Tunnel Project
  • changes to the CityLink concession.

The scope of this independent advice also includes:

  • projected toll costs for road users based on likely trips
  • an assessment of the bearer of revenue risk resulting from lower than projected traffic flows
  • an estimate of the financial liability that would accrue to the Victorian government if changes to the CityLink concession are revoked.

This report is structured around two main topics:

  1. Projections of current and proposed road tolls.
  2. Assessment of risk and financial liability.

This report also provides detailed analysis of each of CityLink and the West Gate Tunnel Project. For ease of reading, the detailed toll revenue modelling approach and key assumptions are contained in appendices but are important to the independent advice.

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