Paradise lost: how China can help the Solomon Islands protect its forests

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At first glance, the Solomon Islands looks like a tropical paradise with palm-fringed white sand beaches and pristine, biodiverse rainforests. It’s advertised as being ‘untouched’ or ‘unspoiled.’ But look closer and the paradise isn’t so idyllic.

Our new investigation conclusively shows that tropical timber in the Solomon Islands is being harvested on an unsustainable scale, and that much of the activity  driving this environmental destruction is at high risk of being illegal. Through a combination of detailed research, satellite imagery, trade statistics, and on-the-ground and drone photography, we reveal the shocking pace and extent of the growing degradation of the Solomon Islands’  tropical forests. If this carries on unchecked, it will have a disastrous and irreparable impact on the country’s environment, and our global climate, already pushed to danger point, will suffer the added burden of losing more of the world’s carbon sinks. 

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