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Creative spaces and Collingwood Arts Precinct

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This report is based on two workshops at Contemporary Arts Precinct (CAP) Collingwood in June 2016, following by two symposia on 25 & 26 September at CAP and Abbottsford Convent. It is also based a on series of interviews with potential stakeholders undertaken by Dan Hill (Arup Digital) and the local Arup Melbourne Team. The whole project was funded by Culture Media Economy, a focus program within Monash Arts.


In summary: Hubs might enhance serendipity, collaboration, cross-trading and the network effects of their tenants by various degrees of active curation. Creative business themselves can gain benefits from being associated with the Hub brand – simply being in the building can suggest a certain ambition and cool. The setting up of the Hub itself can in many cities or part of cities announce that the local government takes this sector seriously. That a creative career is a real possibility and one that is actively encouraged by local government and other institutions. A Hub is often a key part of a local creative industries/ creative city strategy, if only because they tend to be high impact in terms of visibility and (seemingly) more straightforward than a sectoral development strategy. However, more active services might be developed. Co-working spaces offer mentoring, and broker access to larger companies and venture capital.

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