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This edition highlights some of the changes happening in metropolitan Melbourne. The first article looks at the movement of selected businesses. Using GIS data from our Urban Development Program (UDP) database, three categories of relocating businesses (retail, offices and warehousing) are shown. Each has distinctive patterns of movement be it long or short, inward or outward. Overall, the mapping of these moves shows the type of dynamic change that is evident in any large city like Melbourne.

The second article also highlights change in Melbourne from the perspective of population and housing. With strong population growth, the metropolitan area has seen changes in density over the past decade. While increases in high rise central city apartments may be a visible form of this change, densification is occurring in some less familiar locations such as the newest suburbs.

The final article shows how easily proportional data can be misinterpreted. Residential development in Melbourne’s established suburbs is a story of several parts – inner, middle and outer, with each having their own trends. Knowing the story behind these data is important for analysts and decision makers alike.

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