Draft report

The eight ethical principles outlined in the draft consultation guide the development of professional and practice standards regarding the research and deployment of machine learning (ML) systems and artificial intelligence (AI) tools in medicine, specifically with regards to clinical radiology and radiation oncology. These tools should at all times reflect the needs of patients, their care and their safety, and they should respect the clinical teams that care for them. These principles are intended to complement existing medical ethical frameworks (see appendices), which are insufficient for the emerging use of machine learning and artificial intelligence in medicine.

In order to bridge this gap, the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Radiologists (RANZCR) has developed an additional eight ethical principles to guide the following:

  • development of standards of practice for research in AI tools.
  • development of standards of practice for deployment of AI tools in medicine.
  • upskilling of radiologists and radiation oncologists in ML and AI.
  • ethical use of ML and AI in medicine.



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