Raoul Heinrichs


Raoul Heinrichs teaches international politics and security at the Strategic and Defence Studies Centre, The Australian National University (ANU). He is a former Sir Arthur Tange Scholar and Lowy Institute research associate. Previously, he was the founding coordinator of the Lowy Institute’s MacArthur Asia Security Project and, before that, the Institute’s inaugural Michael and Deborah Thawley Scholar in international security, with a research placement at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington, DC. He has a Masters degree from ANU, where he was a TB Millar Scholar in Strategic and Defence Studies, and a First Class Honours degree from Monash University. Throughout 2007, he worked on foreign and security policy in the office of then Opposition leader Kevin Rudd.

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18 May 2016

Paul Dibb AM has had an extraordinary career. He enjoys an international scholarly reputation of the highest order, while at the same time he has done much distinguished public service. He was a pioneer in moving back and forth between posts in government departments, notably...


8 Jul 2011

Risks are growing that China-centric maritime incidents could lead to war in Asia.

Authors Rory Medcalf and Raoul Heinrichs, with maritime adviser Justin Jones, examine the drivers of Asia’s growing maritime ‘crisis of confidence’, including clashes of sovereignty, national pride and military strategy....


29 Sep 2010

This paper explores the strategic challenges confronting Australia as shifting power balances in Asia produce new calculations among the region's major powers.

Building on Power and Choice, the Lowy Institute's major report on Asian Security Futures, Raoul Heinrichs argues that while US primacy or...

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