Australian society understands the critical importance of nurturing our landscapes to preserve and protect our soils and our ability to be able to grow food. A significant factor in that understanding is a global move to farming systems at the local and urban community level, where people are offered opportunities to produce their own food and learn about the importance of healthy soils. Significantly, the crucial interface to city dwellers knowing and supporting their regional farming communities is also enabled.

FDI recently interviewed Chris Ferreira, a leading speaker and author, about his experience of sustainable farming practices in the urban, rural and regional environments.

Key points:

  • Global population growth will increase demand for high-quality foods, which will need to be sourced from local and community producers.
  • A wide range of methods of communicating the importance of local agriculture and community farming practices will be necessary – school-based agriculture programmes are key enablers.
  • Changing old methods of farming and adopting sustainable agricultural practices, including carbon farming, can help to address global warming.
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