The federal government has established a triennial review process to be conducted by an appointed Regional Telecommunications Independent Review Committee (RTIRC). The committee’s approach to the 2011–12 Regional Telecommunications Review has been to take a snapshot of current service availability in different areas, and to then identify what future measures are needed for regional Australia to take advantage of improved broadband services. The 2011–12 Regional Telecommunications Review seeks to build upon the progress since the 2008 Review. In doing so, committee has had particular regard for the opportunities that the National Broadband Network (NBN) creates for the emerging digital economy to improve the delivery of: health and education outcomes; business efficiencies and opportunities; growth in local economies; and government services and programs, including local government services.

The committee was also interested in other telecommunications issues that are important to regional, rural and remote communities. These include: the communications needs of Indigenous Australians, particularly those that live in rural and remote communities; developments in the terrestrial and satellite mobile phone sector; emergency communications; amd the consumer concerns of people and businesses in regional, rural and remote Australia.

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