This report provides a snapshot on how the Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) market is responding to the opportunity to expand housing supply for people with disability.

The report’s finding, that more than 1,500 new SDA places are in the construction pipeline, should be welcomed by people with disability, governments and the broader supply market.

This report highlights geographies and building types where the SDA market has had a strong early response, and shines a light on areas where SDA supply remains weak and needs more focus by providers and government.

Social Ventures Australia and the Summer Foundation share a vision for an Australia where people with disability have access to high quality housing that meets their needs and fosters connection to communities.

Our organisations partnered on this report because we know that robust evidence and data are key enablers of a successful SDA market that delivers on this vision for people with disability.

We hope this report will inform and guide the next phase of investment in SDA. Greater transparency of what is underway and where, will enhance the confidence of those actively involved in the market and allow stakeholders to make more informed investment decisions.

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