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1 Sep 2018

This research shows that a disproportionate number of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander (ATSI) people are named on DVOs, charged with contraventions of DVOs and significantly more likely than non-Indigenous people to receive a sentence of imprisonment for a contravention of a DVO, compared to...


10 Nov 2017

In the last few years, significant resources have been devoted to changing attitudes towards domestic violence – so why aren’t the numbers going down?

Journal article

10 Oct 2016

This article suggests that recent developments regarding abortion law in NSW and Queensland carry significant implications for doctors.

Journal article

30 Nov 2015


This article considers whether a specific domestic violence offence is needed in Australian criminal law that can recognise the ongoing, controlling and coercive nature of domestic violence. The recent introduction into English and Welsh law of a ‘controlling or coercive’ behaviour offence...


29 Mar 2012

People have consumed the plant Catha edulis, known more commonly as 'khat', for centuries for its stimulatory effects.

Khat is cultivated as a shrub or tree and is large, slow growing and evergreen. It usually reaches a height of between one and six metres,...

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