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Working paper

30 Aug 2011

This paper contributes to the literature on the effects of child market work on human capital by focusing on the long-term growth in human capital, which is widely known to significantly affect earning ability.

Child labor is a phenomenon that has attracted a great...

Working paper

30 Jan 2011

The findings in this paper suggest there is a permanent, positive, and large effect of childhood migration on education attainment and some health measures.

Developing countries are experiencing unprecedented levels of urbanization. Although most of these movements are motivated by economic reasons, they could...

Discussion paper

25 Oct 2010

Comparing the labour market returns to numeracy and cognitive ability in Indonesia and the United States, this paper argues that different economic characteristics between developing and developed countries may require workers with different skills.

Different economic characteristics between developing and developed countries may require...


23 Oct 2010

This paper measures the evolution of the gender differences in numeracy among school age children using a longitudinal dataset from Indonesia.

A unique feature of the dataset is that it uses an identical test for two survey rounds, which implies that any changes in...

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