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How did the Islamic State's rise reshape jihadist plots inside Australia? Part 2

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Part 1 showed that Australia’s jihadist plots had transformed following the rise of Islamic State in 2014. From September 2014 to the end of 2018, Australia experienced a greater number of jihadist plots, but the cells were smaller and the attack methods were simpler. The plots usually relied on knives and firearms rather than explosives, and often targeted police officers. Australia’s jihadist plots became more likely to involve women and children as perpetrators and less likely to involve people who had trained in jihadist camps abroad. They also proved more likely to harm people, causing five deaths and several injuries.

This post, Part 2, explores how the Islamic State’s rise helped prompt this transformation.

The post looks at how the organisation achieved its global reach, the sorts of instructions it gave to aspiring attackers across the world, specific Australian circumstances, and the question of how police became such a prominent target.

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