Inquiry into strategies to reduce assaults in public places

Assault and battery Australia Victoria

Assaults in public places have become an increasing problem in Victoria over the last few years. This report provides a comprehensive survey of the current situation and community and government activities in this area.

On 29 July 2009 the Drugs and Crime Prevention Committee of the Victorian Parliament was asked to report on strategies to reduce crime against the person in Victoria and, in particular:

(a) the level, nature and incidence of crimes against the person in Victoria and the trends in recent years;

(b) the impact of these crimes on vulnerable groups, migrants, overseas students and the elderly;

(c) strategies to address these crimes and reduce their incidence and increase the apprehension and conviction of offenders;

(d) the role of community policing and local community organisations; and

(e) the level of police resources in Victoria and their distribution throughout the State.

This is their report, tabled on 2 September 2010.

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