Everyone can play: a guideline to create inclusive playspaces

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Our society is incredibly diverse, comprising people of all ages, abilities and cultural backgrounds. Our communities have playspaces for adventure, discovery, relationship building and creating joy and memories. But there is more we can do to ensure our playspaces are designed to bring people together.

Playspaces exist at the heart of our neighbourhoods and should cater for everyone – young and old, families and carers, and people of all abilities. Playspaces should be welcoming and comfortable, easy to navigate and interesting. They should offer a range of physical challenges, a variety of landscape settings and provide opportunities to connect with others.

Whether you are a member of council, a community leader, a landscape architect or a passionate citizen, you can inspire change. This document outlines the key principles of inclusive playspaces and provides tools to convert your ideas into improvements. Everyone Can Play is not a new standard but a commitment to the future of play in NSW. This is a set of best practice recommendations designed to encourage more people to create more inclusive playspaces.

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