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Australia's peak body for social services has released its social security election policy priorities. These are designed to strengthen our social security system to ensure it best achieves its goal of preventing poverty and deprivation, and put the dignity of people first.

It makes 23 recommendations under these themes:

  • Raise the Rate to reduce poverty for the 900,000 people on allowance payments
  • Establish a Single Parent Supplement
  • Restore indexation of Family Tax Benefits, and link the maximum rate of Family Tax Benefit Part A to wage growth
  • Let’s get social security right – establish a social security commission
  • Abolish compulsory Cashless Debit Card and Income Management
  • People who are unemployed should have a $4,000 income bank
  • Reducing waiting periods for newly-arrived migrants
  • Abolish the one-week wait for parenting payments and Youth Allowance (Other)
  • Relax portability rules for pensions and Family Tax Benefit
  • Make Crisis Payment accessible to people escaping domestic violence
  • Restore ‘Intent to Claim’ rules
  • Abolish ‘RapidConnect’ rules
  • Abolish the Liquid Assets Waiting Period
  • Align the means test for Special Benefit with that of other allowances
  • Don’t make people apply twice – automate social security claims for people already receiving payment
  • Abolish ‘Robodebt’ and replace it with a fair system of debt recovery
  • Single parents are as trustworthy as anyone else – abolish third party verification for single parents
  • Remove unfair restrictions on access to the Disability Support Pension
  • Strengthen the capacity of Centrelink to meet need
  • Receive an allowance? Get a Low-Income Health Card
  • Ensure that people who are eligible receive state-based concessions and rebates
  • Social security is to provide income to those who need it, not enforce health treatment or other forms of social engineering
  • Protect people’s privacy
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