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Investigation of non-community stakeholders regarding community engagement and environmental malodour

Water Environmental monitoring Community consultation Sydney


  • Conducted a survey investigating attitudes of industrial stakeholders regarding the community
  • Conducted interviews with plant manages regarding community interaction
  • Based on observed trends and analysis, a series of recommendations is discussed.


Research into industry-community relationships have focused almost exclusively on the ways in which communities responds to actions from industries. This has led to a paucity of understanding with regards to how community engagement and malodour amelioration practices have been adopted by industry personnel, as well as the attitudes and beliefs of non-community stakeholders in general. In this study, a survey to water industry personnel was distributed to three Australian water utilities in South-Eastern Australia and a semi-structured interview process was carried out with plant managers at six wastewater treatment plants. It was observed that best practice has not yet been established with regards to community engagement and odour amelioration, and that water industry personnel in general had a poor understanding of these concepts. Recommendations for how this situation could be improved, and how non-community stakeholders investigated, are discussed.

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15 May 2019
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