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26 Jul 2018

This publication is an edited transcript featuring the remarks made by John Howard at the launch of The Centre for Independent Studies’ Culture, Prosperity and Civil Society Program on 10 July 2018.

Policy report

20 Jun 2018

The polling undertaken for this publication highlights Australian Millennials’ views of socialism and how these shape their attitudes towards the economy, capitalism and the role of government in society.


25 Aug 2014

Does the ABC, or the Murdoch or Fairfax press, or any other Australian news media outlet, for that matter, have a discernible political or philosophical bias? Is it possible for journalists to be truly objective: neutral, detached, and leaving every skerrick of his or her...



The ideas of Left and Right have long dominated politics. This Festival of Dangerous Ideas panel discusses whether these notions are still relevant in modern society.

Luke Malpass (chair), Waleed Aly, Tom Switzer and David Hetherington each mount convincing arguments that many of the...

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