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This paper provides a synthesis of the evidence on IPSV, examining its characteristics, current service responses and prevention activities. It includes recommendations for policy and practice.

This paper is not intended to be a comprehensive literature review — it focuses on existing ANROWS research, while also drawing on recent grey literature for further supporting evidence. The specific focus on IPSV is intended to complement, not detract from, the importance of attention to the wide range of sexual violence perpetration and experiences that occur outside of the intimate partner context.

This synthesis is designed for policy-makers and practitioners engaging with people affected by domestic and sexual violence, and/or who are developing policy frameworks responsive to and inclusive of sexual assault in the context of domestic and family violence.

This paper centres on IPSV, and therefore makes reference to DV as the broader context within which IPSV is perpetrated. However, some studies compare IPSV perpetration and experience to the perpetration and experience of domestic and family violence (DFV) more broadly, and these references to DV or DFV have been maintained in the text.

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ANROWS Insights 05/2019