Urban green space in the transition to the eco-city: policies, multifunctionality and narrative

Nature-based solutions Open spaces Urban planning Melbourne

Urban green space provides multiple benefits to city dwellers— both human and non-human. These ‘nature-based solutions’ include mitigating urban heat and stormwater runoff, providing biodiversity habitat and contributing to human health and wellbeing, and social and cultural processes, which are key elements in creating ecological cities. In the transition to eco-cities, public policies for urban green space provision can make substantial contributions. However, in the transition from existing mono-functional, mechanistic policy approaches, there are challenges in creating a vision for urban green space that navigates beyond the splintered narratives of single-function priorities. This chapter investigates how urban green space policies in Melbourne, Australia address these challenges, and the roles that communication, engagement and narrative play.

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Enabling Eco-Cities
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