Australian Inclusive Publishing Initiative


The Australian Inclusive Publishing Initiative (AIPI) is a forum that brings together a variety of organisations with the aim of increasing the availability of publications for the print disabled and increasing the availability of accessible format book material.

The Australian Inclusive Publishing Initiative was initiated by the Australian Publishers Association (APA) in 2016 to address the challenge of improving print accessibility. It brought together, for the first time, representatives of publishers, print disability organisations, libraries, copyright organisations, editors, authors, agents as well as government.

This cross-industry collaborative approach is unique in the world and has been recognised as an important development by the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) and the International Publishers Association (IPA).

The initiative is confident that a shared understanding and cross-industry action will create an efficient and economically sustainable system to provide accessible publications to the benefit of the print disabled, and all readers.

The Australian Inclusive Publishing Initiative aims to develop a greater awareness of print accessibility and the needs of the print disabled, communicate the laws that govern access to published content and to build publishing industry capability in accessibility.

Recently added resources


3 May 2019

This resource is an introductory guide for publishers and all those who contribute to the publishing workflow, including editors, proofreaders and indexers. It explains how inclusion and accessibility benefit both the community and business, and identifies the international standards for creating an accessible digital book....


3 May 2019

Making content accessible: a guide to navigating Australian copyright law for disability access is a guide which provides a simple summary of the copyright law governing access to material for people with a disability in Australia. It also includes a checklist of their major...

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