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Three recommendations for renewal of post-compulsory education in Australia

The report of the 2018 Monash Commission
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This inaugural Monash Commission was established in 2018 to help rethink the effectiveness of post-compulsory education and training in Australia. In doing so, the Commission has considered possible new models for the future of the post-compulsory system across vocational education and training (VET), higher education and learning throughout life.

In conducting its inquiry, the Monash Commission has canvassed research from scholars, conducted interviews with industry representatives, students, and leaders of educational institutions, and tested its recommendations with key individuals who have worked at the forefront of post-compulsory education.

The result is a proposal for a differently organised post-compulsory education system that is more attuned to the contemporary and future needs of Australia and its people – one that will prepare us with the knowledge, skills and confidence to plan a future for ourselves and give us the tools to realise it.

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