This research paper is designed to answer some of those frequently asked questions about who was the first, youngest, oldest, most often (and so forth) in Australian federal politics. The focus is on records for the Commonwealth Parliament, although a few significant records relate to members of state parliaments. This paper updates and adds to a 2014 Parliamentary Library Research paper entitled Selected political records of the Commonwealth Parliament.

The information is arranged under the following broad categories: Governors-General; Prime Ministers; Ministers; Members of Parliament; Women in politics; Indigenous members of the Commonwealth Parliament; Commonwealth Parliament; Legislation; Elections and government; and Referendums and plebiscites. Party/political affiliations are provided for parliamentarians, as well as electoral division and state/territory for members of the House of Representatives (for example, Robert Menzies (LP, Kooyong, Vic.)) and state/territory for senators (for example, Margaret Reid (LP, ACT)).

The records have been compiled from sources that include the parliamentary debates, the Parliamentary Handbook of the Commonwealth of Australia, the Australian Dictionary of Biography and state parliamentary handbooks. A list of these sources can be found at the end of this publication. Unless otherwise specified, the information is current as at 7 May 2019.

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