Technological advancements of the modern world have given individuals immense access to knowledge. However, with this access and the ability to share it comes the noise of billions of voices. This digital fog of information can make it difficult to fully understand and navigate the landscape of a topic. A consequence of this is that organisations are, often at their own expense, unnecessarily repeating the work of their peers and competitors.

For the built environment to adopt biodiversity net gain into practice it must collectively act to share information and work together to create the change required. UKGBC’s mission is to work together for a better built environment, as such the authors have created a web based actor and resource map of initiatives and government policy within the built environment around biodiversity net gain. The purpose of which is to allow organisations to use existing knowledge and methodologies to successfully implement net gains without repeating the work of others.

The map is made up of four types of elements: organisations, organisation types, initiatives and initiative types, these are represented by the circles. By clicking on the elements, the readers will open a descriptive information panel on the left, these contain links to further information.

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