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15 Jul 2014

The focus on law and governance has enabled the project to examine a wide range of drivers and mechanisms that influence adaptation around extreme events and drawn attention to the many different actors involved in shaping how climate risk is managed in Victoria, including businesses,...

Technical report

15 Jul 2014

The focus of the paper is the use of data that informs adaptation – how it can be collated, updated and disseminated, and how it can be incorporated into instruments to affect adaptation by governments, communities and individuals.


Case study – Ports
15 May 2014

The impacts of climate change for ports will include increased run-off and siltation requiring increased dredging; disturbance and distribution of currently entrained heavy metals and other pollutants; delays to berthing and cargo handling; coastal flooding; and required engineering upgrades to wharfs, piers, gantries and other...

Briefing paper

15 Apr 2014

The VCCCAR funded project, Governance Models for Adaptation and Natural Disaster Risk Management, is investigating Victorian legal, financial and institutional frameworks for managing the risks of extreme events and natural disasters. It will identify specific risk management mechanisms in land use planning, catchment management, natural...


15 Dec 2013

The project examines the way in which law and governance arrangements shape climate change adaptation in Victoria. This project focuses particularly on the legal, regulatory and institutional dimensions of managing the risks posed by extreme events such as floods and heatwaves (climate risks).

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