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August–November 2018
18 Sep 2019

This second instalment of ODI’s climate change, conflict and security scan, summarises the latest developments on Twitter, in the blogosphere, and in grey and academic literature, to find new themes and emerging discourse on the intersection of climate and conflict risk.


29 May 2019

This report argues that risk informed decision-making needs to be integrated into all levels of planning and delivery, from the development of NGO programming to government plans and the policies of international donor agencies, in order reduce multiple risks and avoid risk creation in development....

Working paper

3 May 2019

The Overseas Development Institute (ODI) interrogated disaster risk reduction financing, policy and programming to understand the role of conflict, fragility and violence in disaster risk. The review of over 50 years of research shows how conflicts are deeply embedded in societies and can exacerbate vulnerability...


April – July 2018
5 Apr 2019

This 'scan' aims to help policy-makers, practitioners and academics who are short on time get to grips with the range of literature, discourse and social media coverage of the intersection of resilience, climate change, conflict and security.

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