This paper presents information about the educational experience and associated characteristics of persons aged 15 to 64 years and persons aged 65 to 74 years who are in, or marginally attached to, the labour force.

Statistics in this publication were collected in May 2010 as a supplement to the Australian Bureau of Statistics' (ABS) monthly Labour Force Survey (LFS).

Information collected in the survey includes: labour force characteristics; participation in education in the year prior to the survey, and in the survey month; type of educational institution; level of education of current and previous study; highest year of school completed; level of highest non-school qualification; level of highest educational attainment; transition from education to work; enrolment experience; selected characteristics of apprentices and trainees; and unmet demand for apprenticeships and traineeships.

Unless otherwise specified, differences between data items highlighted in the Summary of Findings are statistically significant.

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